My favourite Celebrity wedding dresses and a brief history of why we wear white!

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This time, I thought I would take a look at some (in my opinion) of the most iconic celebrity wedding dresses of the 21st Century. 

You may, or may not already be aware that the fashion for wearing a white wedding dress originated with Queen Victoria (those Victorians were responsible for so many things we enjoy and have today, not just Christmas cards, their engineering feats were incredible, from funicular railways to the Velocipede, but that’s a whole other blog!!) 

Although not the first Royal to choose white for her wedding dress, Queen Victoria’s popularity ensured this was quickly adopted by other, wealthy members of society. Her dress was made using white satin and Honiton (a Devon town for those not as local as me!) lace. 

Less than 10 years later, Godey’s Lady Book would state: ‘Custom has decided, from the earliest Ages that white is the most fitting hue, whatever may be the material. It is an emblem of the purity and innocence of girlhood and the unsullied heart, she now yields to the chosen one’. Obviously this is not factually correct, because colours were worn prior to Queen Victoria’s wedding, perhaps the original fake news?! The rest, however is history as they say and 180 years later, white is still the main colour choice for a Christian faith wedding. 

So which celebrity wedding dresses do I consider to be the most iconic? I suspect we will all have our own favourites, but here are a few of mine: 

1) Ironically, my first dress isn’t even white! But what I love about Marilyn Monroe’s 1956 dress, is the cut. Her third and final wedding to Arthur Miller shows off her famous figure to perfection, without actually revealing anything. 

2) In 1971 Bianca Jagger married Mick in a white suit and wide brimmed hat. As you will see I have later chosen a celebrity jump suit, but this twist on tradition still looked effortlessly classy and still inspires designers cuts today. 

3) In 1985 Diana Ross married Arne Naess in this stunning satin column dress with lace jacket/cape overlay. In my opinion, this would not look out of fashion worn at a wedding today 35 years on. And that is the test of a true classic dress. 

4) No iconic celebrity wedding dress list would really be complete without the outstanding boho vision that was Kate Moss’s 2011 dress. Spawning a look that endures and brides still embrace today, her John Galliano dress was as detailed and exquisite, as it was casual and effortless in the wearing. 

5) Anne Hathaway 2012 – this shot is just beautiful. An incredibly complex and detailed dress, I think it evokes fairies and weddings from 300+ years ago that the Godey’s Lady book would like to believe wearing white first eminated! I cannot get enough of this dress, it’s just lovely! 

6) 2013 Portia de Rossi married Ellen Degeneres. These two showed how to get married in white in style BUT notice Portia has a blush pink skirt – off white dresses with nude undertones have been in fashion ever since and I am also a huge fan as it highlights the white detail without removing from the bridal look.


7) Solange Knowles 2014 – she wore several outfits on the day (as you should if you are a style icon and cool queen!), but this was my absolute favourite. She rocked this jumpsuit and unless you have been living in the dark, you cannot fail to notice that jumpsuits are currently hot news for many alternative brides, with most Bridal Houses having several versions of their own on sale now. Cut beautifully, Solange offered a funky twist – much like Bianca Jagger 40 years previously. 

8) Finally my last choice had to be Chiara Ferragni from 2018. A long sleeved, lush lace bodice ended at her waist and gives way to a full, floaty tulle skirt. What I love about this is the skirt had a slit!! A lovely twist and actually again, many Bridal houses now offer dresses with a slit echoing celebrity fashion. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Apart from my own fabulous designers MorileeRomantica, Special Day and Gino Cerruti, I thought I would leave you with an image from one of my current favourite Designers, Rue De Seine. Their embroidery and designs are just breathtaking and are the next step in classic, boho, bridal design – for me anyway! 

The Evolution of the Wedding Venue

Hello again and welcome back to my Maria’s Bridal Boutique Blog! This time I wanted to delve a little into the evolution of the Wedding Venue and when it became possible to marry at a location other than a Church, or Registry Office.

Nowadays, the choice of Wedding Venues is huge! It is possible to get married almost anywhere, with almost any type of theme! From traditional, rustic and country style weddings, to Disney, or Harry Potter themed extravaganza’s, the world, literally is your oyster!

So how did we come to get all these opportunities to make our wedding fantasies become actual reality?

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Stepping Back in Time

Welcome lovely people to the first of my bi-weekly blog posts! I will be covering a range of topics on all things Bridal and can’t wait to share these posts with you all!

For my first post, I thought it would be nice to step back in time and find out what getting married was like for my Grandma (102) and my Mum, bearing in mind our current restrictions and compare their weddings to those of today.

North Somerset Wedding FeaturingMy Grandma was married on June 19th 1943 (during the 2nd World War) at Brentree Church in Bristol. She was 25 and my Grandad was 32. There were no coupons for white material, so Grandma spent 8 Guineas on a beautiful pale blue suit. There were 25 people at their wedding. Definitely comparable with our current numbers and more like the norm for that time. Grandma had 1 bridesmaid, who wore pink. Following the church ceremony, they had a 2 course sit down meal at The Carlton Hotel in Kingswood. There was white wine for the meal and toast. They were incredibly lucky to have that much food and alcohol bearing in mind rationing. There was no partying late into the night because of air raids and no lights were allowed after dark, so Grandma and Grandad caught the train from Bristol Temple Meads later that day to their honeymoon destination of Ilfracombe, where they were staying for 4 days. (They couldn’t stay any longer, because Grandad was a fireman and couldn’t get leave for any longer). Why catch a train to Ilfracombe instead of driving? There was no petrol!

Similarities with weddings today? Grandma and her bridesmaid had bouquets of English flowers created by the local florist. She had her hair done at the local hairdressers and they had a car for her to arrive at Church and take them to the Hotel for the meal. She also employed a cake maker from Bath to make their wedding cake (a gift from her sister in law).  Although the wedding dress boutiques were off-limits, she still managed to save enough to go to an upmarket dress shop to purchase her suit. On return from their honeymoon, they moved into their new house in Brislington, located 2 doors down from Grandma’s parents! It was their first experience of living together, not being allowed to move in with each other until they were wed.

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